Never Grow Up Wooden Tree Swing

Never Grow Up Rectangle Timber Swing-Midsize

This rectangle timber swing is made of cedar wood and measures 23" x 11" x 1.5" thick with 1" holes for rope.


Swing is wood burned with the inscription "never grow up", finished with a dark walnut stain and sealed with outdoor gloss polyurethane.


You have the option to purchase with or without rope. 10' of rope is usually more appropriate if hanging from a wooden swingset, while 25'-40' is more appropriate when hanging from an actual tree. If a specific rope length is needed, please inquire!

  • For a Long Lasting Swing

    Swing should be taken down in winter months, where conditions are intense. Swing may need additional coats of poly in years to come (similar to how decks and playgrounds need to be re-sealed), depending on weather conditions.